Friday, May 11, 2007

SunBuddy Sunscreen

Summer is nearly here...Sun beaming, families out enjoying the sun at the beach, parks, soccer games, baseball games, air shows, 4th of July celebrations etc. Many people forget to bring the sunscreen.

Solution take some SunBuddy sunscreen with you as you attend the events with your family and friends.

SunScreen Kindness to Go:

How it works: Purchase some small packets of SunBuddy Sunscreen (I buy the family packs in bulk and get great deals call SunBuddy for details)

Attach a
connect card (you can get your cards form Market Place Printing) with some hot glue or tape

Hold up a packet during the plugs, or during the message Say, 'Today is a kindness to go weekend. As you leave pickup some sunscreen to give to the people you meet this summer. It's our way of showing God's love in a practical way.'

Have the prepared sunscreen available at the exits so people can grab a few on their way out.

Kindness to go a simple way of helping people begin to look outward.

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