Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gee think you need to do some training?

Interestingly we have had hundreds of people helping us love our community into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We call it City Care...serving our way into the heart of our community. Most people serving have had little or no training... This just proves on the job outreach training works in most cases.

Now we are discovering we need to launch into some specific training to help people develop their outreach skills. We've looked at what's out there and have developed our e:training

gleaning from the best of the best. Our desire is to connect people to great resources that will help them grow as a self-study learning experience as they learn and then participate.

Saturday March 15th is the date for the training 9am to 1pmish.

e:training pdf

We will be learning:
Future/Past Lessons learned from our outreach e:history
Servant Evangelism Breaking down barriers, building bridges
I'm wondering?? How to ask great questions
Just walk across the room How to share your unique story.
The good news is still the good news How to lead a friend to Jesus Christ

Book list
Conspiracy of Kindness sjogren
Irresistible Evangelism sjogren, ping and pollock\
Just walk across the room hybels
Externally Focused Church swanson, rusaw
Jesus on Leadership cg wilkes
The Church of the Irresistible Influence lewis
An Unstoppable Force mcmanus

dave is a down to earth pastor who has more passion than anyone I know
steve sjogren has several sites that encourage the heart
this site is very encouraging healthy, encouraging, great resources

practitioners not theorist doin' the stuff in Dayton OH
the book I wanted to write
my friend doug who thinks often outside the box
leading someone to Jesus is relational
my web with many stories etc