Friday, March 9, 2007

Tips for Kindness to Go

People who have consistently served others during our planned Kindness to go weekends often begin to develop a lifestyle of kindness. A friend of mine will be taking a group of teens bowling in a couple of weeks. He went to the bowling alley and ask the manager if they could pay for the shoes for the first 50 bowlers who show up on the night. The manager said, 'That is the coolest idea I've heard in a while.' A great connection that will surely produce a buzz on the evening.

Kindness to go tip:
When developing an idea I often begin with the end in mind. I ask questions to myself and often bounce ideas off my team. How will the person doing the outreach feel? Is the project workable, doable and easy? Are the instructions clear? How will the person receiving the outreach feel? What will they experience? Will the project connect to a felt need? Is it fun, up lifting and encouraging?

Recently, I met a friend for lunch...I grabbed a bag with a couple of connect cards. At the end of the lunch, I held up the bag and said, 'Hey, here's a small gift for you?' The startled waitress said, 'No one has ever given me a gift before at work.' We encouraged her to share the goods with the others she worked with, and thanked her for her great service and tipped big.

here is an example of the instructions sheet we place in the bags on the 'Give em the Bag' weekend outreach.

Kindness to Go!
Ok, How’s does it work? It’s simple:

Step one: Grab a bag
Step two:
Transport the bag to your favorite restaurant,
after or before the meal hand the bag to the person serving.
Say, ‘This is a small gift for you and your team.’
key… tip big and smile.

Step one: Grab a bag
Step two: Take it with you the next time you go grocery shopping, put the bag at the end of your shopping for the person checking.

Step one: Grab a couple of bags
Step two: Take the bags to your local police station, fire station or post office.

Say, ‘Just thinking about you this time of year.’

When asked,
‘Why are you doing this?’ Reply, ‘Just showing you God’s love in a practical way.'

Often conversations begin, questions are asked and answered, and prayer is given. Most people return encouraged, and have a story to tell.

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