Wednesday, March 21, 2007

think seasonal

kindness to go is a great way of encouraging people to take steps toward outwardness. I plan several per year for the people of the Vineyard. I think seasonal:

January - Give em the Bag, small bags filled with fun items to be taken to resturants, fire stations, emergency rooms etc

February - Kiss Dayton, small packs of kisses people take as they do life in the community

March - Give em the Bag

May - Flowers Everywhere, flats of flowers ready for planting, for friends, relatives, neighbors

September - Give em the Bag

December - Donuts and Candy Canes, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Christmas Eve and the candy canes in small bags people take out during 3 weeks of the run up to Christmas.

January is the kick off month so it's Give em the Bag!

What's in the bag?

I purchase the bags and the sparkle filler from American Paper and Plastics nice paper lined bags various colors. Sparkle filler that we place in the bag gives the bag some eye popping color, and buzz...we've discovered that people like to dig past the sparkle filler to see what items of interest are in the bag.

1 package of Grandmas Cookies
1 bag of peanuts
1 bag of trail mix
2 granola bars
2 rolls of lifesaver peppermints
1 peanut butter crackers
a sprinkling of small candy bars
a sprinkling of peppermint round candy
1 box of Kleenex tissues
sparkle filler
1 connect card attached to the bag and 2 connect cards in the bag on top
1 instruction sheet.

Our Teens pack the bags the Wednesday night before a Kindness to Go! weekend. We always hear from someone who was on the receiving end.

During the weekend services we mention the outreach and encourage people to grab a bag along with some instructions as they leave the service. I usually plan for around 100 bags at the end of our 3 weekend services. Long Term Sowing. Bridge Building. People Equipping. Fun and Uplifting. Creative Sparking. Outoftheboxthinking.

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