Sunday, June 10, 2007

Helping to connect the dots

Here is a flyer we produced to inform the people of the vineyard how they can participate. On the back are the summer outreach opportunities.

Outward focused communication, combined with practical application, helps nurture the heart of the Vineyard people empowering them to reach outward to their family, friends and daily connections.
Steve Bowen

the dayton vineyard is an outward focused church...we embrace go.

We seek to promote our outwardfocused value toward the people of the Vineyard and beyond by creating fun outreach events that are experiential, participatory, image-based and connective.

Outreach is in our DNA.
Years ago Doug Roe and Scott Sliver came to Dayton to plant The Dayton Vineyard. As they started the church they decided to pool their money and began to reach out to the people of Dayton. The projects ranged from passing out cokes, cooking hot dogs on street corners, visiting the sick in hospitals, to taking bags of groceries to the poor of the city.

Each week we actively reach out to the people of Dayton. As we go, serve and reach we also intentionally seek to foster a warm, inviting atmosphere in the celebrations and on the campus.

We serve our way into the heart of our community. Our serving breaks down barriers, builds bridges and redefines Christ followers to our community.

How can you become involved?
catch our vision…actively go, serve, and reach

participate in our planned monthly outreaches

sign up in the program when events are advertised

behind the scenes, your help is appreciated

your fresh outreach ideas by email to

grab a few friends
, or your small group and plan your own
outreach…we’ll help...just call the office 427.1912.

to become a kindhearted outward focused person

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