Thursday, February 8, 2007


Here is a short list of K.T.G. ideas that work for us:

Kiss Dayton
The two weekends just before Valentines day. Our teens and children’s departments pack thousands of Hershey Kisses into small zip lock bags with our special ‘you’ve just been kissed’ connect card. People grab several of the bags as they leave the weekend services and go about kissing Dayton during the week.

I went to the gym and asked the receptionist, ‘Have you been kissed today?’ Her startled look was a sight to behold, I then handed her a pack of kisses and said, ‘Well, you’ve just been kissed?’ she laughed and then commented, ‘You’re from the Vineyard, right? I said, ‘Yep, we’re that kissing church down the street.’

First Frost Ice-scrapers

Be ready for first frost by ordering ice scrapers with your church logo and web address. The weekend of first frost, usually early November in the north, give the ice-scrapers to the attendees to give to their neighbors and friends. Better yet, encourage the people to scrape the ice off of their neighbor’s car windows and then leave the scraper as a gift.


Same spin as Kiss Dayton except use small candy canes, or round peppermints placed in thousands of small bags around Christmas time.

Dog’s don’t you just love em!

Small bags of dog biscuits with a fun connect card for dog walkers work well during the spring or summer months.

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